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Your health in your hands

With MyHealth One managing your healthcare and connecting with physicians is now easier than ever.

Our Go-To ER

Football legends Coach Don Shula Dan Marino choose HCA East Florida Hospitals for life’s unexpected medical needs.

HCA East Florida is investing $650 million

to expand and upgrade patient services

We Deliver More Than You'd Expect

Enroll in Education Classes, see photos of our newly renovated floor or sign up for a tour!


Top-notch care for women and babies.

Heart failure is the only major cardiovascular disease that is increasing in incidence and prevalence.

Your guide to ER care. Sometimes it's hard to tell if you should go to the ER when you aren't feeling well.

Celebrating over 30 years of providing quality healthcare to Margate, Coconut Creek, Coral Springs, Parkland and the surrounding communities in Broward County, Florida, Northwest Medical Center is a 228-bed hospital offering medical and surgical programs including open heart surgery , 24-hour Adult and Pediatric ER , maternity , mens nike air max shoes in navy blue
, pediatrics , footlocker air jordan 11 legend blue
, heart and vascular , weight loss surgery , rehabilitation, and tenis nike air max trainer 2013 gmc

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Feb 12, 2018

HCA Healthcare (NYSE: HCA), a leading healthcare provider with 179 hospitals, 120 freestanding surgery centers and numerous other healthcare ...

Sep 05, 2017

Sep 19, 2016

Northwest Medical Center (NWMC) is pleased to announce the recent acquisition of the da Vinci(R) Xi(tm) Surgical System.

Aug 30, 2016

Northwest is the only hospital in South Florida providing this level of technology!

Jul 06, 2016

HCA East Florida announced today that it will invest approximately $650 million in healthcare facilities in Miami Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, ...

Apr 7, 2018 - 5:03pm

Today we celebrate World Health Day!

Today we celebrate #WorldHealthDay!

Apr 6, 2018 - 1:21am

April is Alcohol Awareness Month. Excessive alcohol poses many health risks and can often be fatal. Know the facts about alcohol and its effect on the body.

To illustrate, Ben-Oni’s “ Agunah ” begins with the lines

In absentia, he holds—you, tichel -crumpled, bare-legged and humbled, shown your hair in the shuq, shorn of husband.

which I suspect are intended to awaken me to the predicament of a women who “has been abandoned by her husband” and is caught in a legal purgatory. Instead, the lines pluck too hard upon the heart-strings. Even if I did more background research, I’d still see the poem’s stitching, not the subject the poem hoped to speak about. “Palms of Lebanon” opens with similar straining: “a lull in war / the last trunks mourn / new bullet thorns.” And when “The Current Political Situation of the Roma” finds its central polemic voice interrupted by an italicized workshop critic’s voice—“ Begins too vague ,” “ Not quite sure about your tone here ,” “ Personal narrative is unacceptable ”—I wonder why Ben-Oni doesn’t forego the workshop lyric with its supposedly petty strictures and adopt a slam, language, documentary, conceptual or whatever poetics for Solecism instead.

But I won’t wonder too long. Because too often the sound play is really good, as with lines like “When night was an octave lower, / and our eyes owl-wide” or “I’m a lychee peel in peril / Plates tipping off the table / By catnipped paw.” Too often the line breaks are really good:

giving way to a wonder as simple and young as us sliding in our socks below a carillon of waking birds and rain, as drawing the first weevil from the cracks.

Too often, Ben-Oni’s imagination delights, as when she renders “The Gangster as Narwhal”: “how well you play a drowned / corpse, my deep diver, far from swan-spined // or supple-sighted.” It is through her skill with the means as much through her aims that I am transported, that I am allowed “on the other side / of the sealed window,” that I am permitted to glimpse the donkey in the dust storm.

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Solecism at Virtual Artists Collective.

Solecism at Solecism at Powell’s City of Books. Solecism at Virtual Artists Collective.

Jeremy Behreandt lives in Madison, Wisconsin.

Reunited with her lover, Phyla went right back into cosmic chaos, Phyla and Moondragon found themselves on a dire mission to save the Kree race from immanent destruction, which was being caused by the techno-organic invaders known as the Phalanx . The two women warriors sought to find a powerful wizard that possessed the power to defeat the Phalanx. Before they could get off to a decent start on their quest, the woman adventurers were confronted by the Super-Adaptoid , who had been transformed into a air jordan outlet store philippines price
. Although the Adaptoid was viciously aggressive and cunning he was easily defeated. Phyla eventually found a cocoon that possessed the rejuvenating body of womens nike free tr 7 reflections
, the phalanx were also in search of the Warlock and a battle ensued that eventually ended with Warlock being awakened prematurely and in a mentally unstable state. Phyla, Warlock and Moondragon managed to escape to a secret laboratory occupied by the High Evolutionary. There Phalanx attackers tracked them to the laboratory and Moondragon was slain by their leader Ultron . In a rage of passion Phyla lunged into battle, although she was persuaded by the High Evolutionary to retreat. Ultron and the Phalanx were eventually defeated and Phyla joined a new peace keeping teamed formed by the nike air max 1 liquidmetal technologies
. The team would later take on the name of the Guardians of the Galaxy and they utilized womens nike air max tailwind 7 pink
as their base of operations.

Discovering that Star-Lord had nike blazers leather mid
telepathically manipulate their minds to facilitate the formation of the Guardians most of the group quit. Phyla and Drax had already left in search of the young Earth girl Cammi , Drax’s former companion who has not been seen since the end of the first Annihilation catastrophe. While they questioned the inhabitants of an unidentified planet, a fortune teller revealed that there was a Great War of Kings about to take place and it might the reason for their being on this particular planet. Upset and annoyed with the woman’s distraction they began to walk away when she asked, was it the girl that they were looking for? The woman went to revealed that there was a chance for them to save Heather (Moondragon) from eternal death. Their search for her led them to the moon of Saturn also known as Titan . While on Titan they confronted Mentor, Moondragon’s step-father, who quickly murdered them both, so that their spirits could pass beyond the barrier of death into the realm of Oblivion , where Moondragon was trapped in the belly of the Dragon of the Moon . While in Oblivion's realm Phyla and Drax were approached by the malevolent trickster Maelstrom who was desperate to escape Oblivion. He took possession of the Phyla’s Quantum Bands, and used Phyla and Drax as sacrificial offerings to the Dragon of the Moon for passage out of Oblivion. Phyla was dropped into the mouth of the beast, but by unknown means was able to emerge from the monster transformed and possessing new powers. Wendell Vaughn had come to her rescue but was astound that she was free. He did manage to retrieve the Quantum Bands form Maelstrom, although Phyla refused to wear them again. She later revealed that she would be known as Martyr for now on.

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