Process Function

Green Reverse Technology Function” – CONTINUOUS PROCESS

“Pyrolysis is the process of thermal degradation of materials in the absence of oxygen and converts to crude oil and gas”.  Pyrolysis process larger molecules are cracked down into smaller molecules in the absence of oxygen by thermo-catalytic method”.
Materials are continuously treated in a horizontal cylindrical chamber. To start the system, approximately 40 minutes the system needs external heating, either by gas or fuel or electricity or any type of heating methods. Once the process already started the system could supply itself gas and it is processed and used for heating. Very small energy is needed since most of the gases and fuels obtained from the output are being feed backed to the input where the machine is self sustainable process.  It applies the most advanced reversed technique of heat supply with normal atmosphere and constant temperature, realizes dynamic heat supply and static heating-up. The cracked materials will be heated evenly, can accurately adjust and control automatically the decomposition temperature. In the meantime, it realizes storage of thermal energy, cycling and usage, high thermal efficiency, energy conservation, and quick rate of reaction. Special low temperature catalytic cracking reversed process, the materials crack completely. Good oil product and high productivity, there is no colloid or asphalt in the oil product. Whether the cracking temperature is high or low, there will be no coking in the equipment; the carbon soot is of good quality. Because cracking is reversed processing, the temperature is lower than the working temperature of the equipment itself. And it is heated (upto 350˚C ~ 400˚C) evenly, which improves the safety performance and equipment life. The gas generated by cracking is purified into combustible gas, which is used for heating system and doesn’t need energy from outside.

The reversed processing of the smoke cleaning system has strong adsorbing power, quick adsorption and desorption, which can eliminate all the infectants: H2S, CO, CO2, SO2, SO3, NO, NO2, CS2, NH3, and other oil organic compound and solid particles, which has made the emission up to the standard of emission of developed countries.

Full automatic continuous cracking process line, the plant starts to generate gas within 30 to 40miniutes and fuels generates within 4hours with 24hours normal temperature and pressure continuous large-scale production.

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