Raw materials
Our system can process mixed and hazardous type of solid waste materials.
Fully-automated Municipal Solid Waste ("MSW") Sorting Systems can provide a significant enhancement to traditional Material Recovery Facility ("MRF") operations by processing material that is typically bound for a landfill. It is estimated that as much as  30% of most municipal solid waste streams is potentially recoverable, in the form of paper, plastics, wood and metal, and another 60-70% in the form of organic materials. A comprehensive waste processing system creates value by recovering additional commodities for sale, saving disposal and transportation costs and preparing the organic fraction for use in an energy recovery process.
Rubber/Plastic/Engine oil Types
Variety of polymer waste material is suitable as a raw material.
Waste Plastic; PE, PP bags & sacks, bottles, Styrofoam, foam, pipe, tape, Multi Layered Plastic, Mixed waste plastic (HDPE, LDPE, PE, PP, Nylon, Teflon, PS, ABS, FRP, PVC etc)
Waste Rubber: Any type of vehicles tyre; rubber parts from vehicles, floor mats, shoes, basketball, Plastic glass (used for driving water as part of parties), Plastic covers (Waster covers, milk cover, oil covers..etc) Fiber chairs, tables,  (chairs made from fiber), PVC pipers, Cement bags, Agriculture chemical bags ..etc, Chemical bottles, plastic jars used at home..etc etc.