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George “Mule” Suttles was almost lost to history. As noted in a local Tuscaloosa News article following his 2006 induction in the Baseball Hall of Fame, “He was born at the start of a century that’s passed in a town that no longer exists. He played for teams that have long since folded, in leagues that closed up shop more than 50 years ago.” Even so, the reputation of Mule Suttles was sufficient to ensure that he would be placed on the Hall of Fame ballot when the time came.

Noted for his soft-spoken personality, Suttles was not known to draw attention to himself. According to teammate Red Moore, “He didn’t get the ballyhoo that Satchel and Josh got. They were the ones who it seemed all the sports writers put the praise on. Mule Suttles was a powerful hitter. I can’t fathom why he didn’t get the publicity they got. He was a laid-back person. He didn’t do much talking. He wasn’t the boastful type. Sometimes the better players get overlooked.”

The slugging first baseman and outfielder had a playing career that lasted the entire Golden Era of Negro leagues baseball, from 1921 to 1944. He starred with some of the great squads of segregated baseball, including the Newark Eagles, Chicago American Giants and the Birmingham Black Barons.

He boasts a lifetime batting average of more than .325, and was particularly known for his power. According to Moore, fans and opponents would gather to watch him at batting practice, “They’d come out to see him hit the ball. I can tell you he was a great hitter. He was known for his power. He could really hit the ball a long way. In batting practice he hit some tape-measure balls. He could really hit it for distance.”

His skills were so noted by his contemporaries, having been selected to play in five East-West Classic all-star games, where in 1933 he knocked the first home run ever hit in the event.

In addition to his baseball skills, Suttles was also known as a good teammate, often serving as a father figure to the younger players. He is fondly remembered by teammates who recall his kind nature and willingness to do anything to help win a game. As noted by Red Moore, “He was kind of a genteel person. He was friendly, but when he was on the field he went to play. He was all business.”

“We always wondered why Uncle George was never mentioned,” said his niece Merriett Burley who accepted his plaque during the ceremony in Cooperstown, “They always mentioned Satchel Paige and Josh Gibson and Cool Papa Bell, but they never mentioned Uncle George. We’re now saying he’s getting his just rewards. For this to come up now, we’re all just thrilled to death.”


OMERO is a server platform for managing biological images. See the Open Microscopy Site for more info. OMERO.figure combines OMERO's powerful image rendering and metadata to provide a tool for rapid figure creation. Each panel of the figure becomes a multi-dimensional image viewer, allowing you to zoom and pan, adjust rendering settings and even scroll through Z and Time. Figures can be exported as TIFF images or PDF documents, so you can move seamlessly to other editing tools such as Adobe Illustrator.

Many tasks of figure creation are very time consuming when done manually. OMERO.figure provides tools to get the job done quickly. All of these features work with multiple selected panels at once, making it easy to keep similar panels in sync.

Align to grid Adjust rendering settings Clever labels Copy and paste Scroll Z and Time Zoom, Pan and Rotate Crop to ROI Accurate scalebars Full undo and redo Set 'dpi' Multi-page figures Export TIFF or PNG Export with panel images

You can create beautiful figures in your browser, then share them with others. Depending on your OMERO permissions settings, you can even make them public, so everyone can explore your figures interactively.

We have created a live demo with several examples, based on figures published in the Journal of Cell Biology. This is a 'static' demo app (not hosted on an OMERO server), so you can't save changes. All the image data comes from the OMERO-powered JCB-DataViewer , where you can also browse the raw data. Click figures for demos:

OMERO.figure version 3.0.0 requires OMERO.web 5.3.0 or newer .

5.3.0 or newer Warning: 5.2.6 or newer

This section assumes that an OMERO.server is already installed. Figures can be exported as PDF or TIFF files using a script that runs on the OMERO.server. This script needs to be uploaded to the OMERO.server and its dependencies installed on the OMERO.server machine. The script can be uploaded using two alternative workflows, both of which require you to be an admin.

omero/figure_scripts/ /omero_figure/scripts/omero/figure_scripts/

2) Restart the computer (you may do that up to 3 times);

3) Close down Illy and press Ctrl+Alt+Shift/Cmd+Option+Shift during startup (easy but irreversible);

4) air jordans 10 chicago
(follow the link with that name) with Illy closed (more tedious but also more thorough and reversible);

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5) Look through and try out the relevant among the nike air force 1 mid royal blue damenzos pizza
(follow the link with that name, Item 7) is a list of usual suspects among other applications that may disturb and confuse Illy, Item 15) applies to CC, CS6, and maybe CS5);

Other options

Even more seriously, you may:

6) Uninstall, run the Cleaner Tool (if you have CS3/CS4/CS5/CS6/CC), and reinstall.

Hey Jacob, yes I was saying basically I need to be able to move the object a third of what the smallest increment the keyboard will allow me to use. If i do use my mouse and put the shape exactly where I want it to be placed, it just moves back to the spot where I could get it closest with a keyboard, here are some screenshots so you can see what I'm trying to do:

I can't get the black triangle to line up up with the edge of the lighter blude colored shape.

Ah, thanks guys it was the align to pixel grid, I had unselected the "align new objects to pixel grid" option thinking it was applied to my selected object, and I didn't have the "align to pixel grid" option visible. My fault, thanks again.


You probably no longer need this, however if you zoom in, you can move in that increment based on the ratio... i've run into the same issue before and this is the only way I've found to make it work.

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Can you please post the repro steps on how to uncheck the "Align New Objects to Pixel Grid" and "Align to Pixel Grid" as I'm having difficulty trying to find it myself? Thanks!

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Select all the objects and then uncheck "ALign to pixel grid"

Then uncheck "Align new objects to pixel grid"

It's in the transform panel.

I already did that but I am still unable to move in small increments. My pixel sizing in Preferences won't reduce to less than 0.01 px. This is so frustrating

Every RVer knows that it takes a special breed to own a RV. You have an inherent love for adventure, seeing new places and collecting memories along the miles.

That’s why you deserve a navigation app designed specifically for you.

Don’t let your travels be limited by the fear of high data bills. With CoPilot RV’s reliable offline navigation, you’ll never again duck in and out of a signal or wait to find which direction you’re heading in

You don’t need to part with hundreds of dollars for a GPS device that can cater to your vehicle’s specific needs (or your heart’s desire to cross state borders!)

CoPilot RV calculates your route according to your vehicle size and class (height, weight and length), to prevent any dangerous or costly run-ins with low bridges or propane-restricted tunnels

CoPilot RV’s powerful route planner allows you to plan a trip of a lifetime with up to 50 stops, automatically calculating the best route. This helps prevent stressful wayward journeys, to save time and lower fuel costs

Lane arrows and ClearTurn™ view with road signage show you which lane to be in so you can safely manoeuver lane changes and complex intersections well in advance

For the price of a tank of fuel, you can combat all your camping capers. That’s not a subscription cost – it’s a one-time fee for unlimited use and free map updates

Plan, save and modify all your routes with our trip optimization feature which lets you save up to 50 stops on your route. CoPilot RV will then put the stops in the best order or you can drag and drop the order you prefer.

CoPilot RV safely calculates your route according to your vehicle size and class with your own personal routing profile. You’ll only drive on roads suitable for your RV.

CoPilot’s real-time traffic keeps you updated on any delays and road closures while driving. We’ll even alert you if there is a faster route available.

Download the navigation app built for the needs of RVers

About ALK Technologies

ALK Technologies is a transportation technology company dedicated to defining the optimal route to success through innovative routing, mileage, mapping, and navigation solutions.

© 2018 ALK Technologies Inc. · All Rights Reserved

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